Feminist Infrastructures and Technocultures: Cross-Disciplinary Legacies and Futures at University of California, San Diego was an assembly conference that took place April 18-20, 2013 at the Cymer Conference Center in the Structural and Materials Engineering building (SME).

Details about that conference and related activities were posted on the Facebook page and Twitter feed. The program of the event is below.

*Adele Clarke prepared a document about Leigh Star’s work, view here.*

Related events

Thursday, April 18, 2013

On Thursday, from 7-10:30pm, UC FemTechNet opened the Feminist IT Assembly with media screenings and performances in the Cymer Conference Center at the Structural and Materials Engineering Building, Warren Campus at UCSD.

7-9pm — Evening session (1)

Introductions, Kelli Moore and Tara Zepel

    • “What Can a Body Do?” (15m), Amanda Cachia
    • Undoing Time (work in progress, 2013; 20m), Sharon Daniel
    • Unmanned (2012-13; 70m, 10m excerpt), Jordan Crandall
    • Decline and Fall (2007; 80m, 20m excerpt), Erika Suderburg
    • Looking for Jiro (2011; 6m), Tina Takemoto


9-10:30pm — Evening session (2)

Introductions, Lauren Berliner and Saundarya Thapa

    • The Insomniacs (2008; 20m, 11m excerpt), Roshanak Kheshti, dir. Kami Chisholm, original music by Roshanak Kheshti
    • Chant from an Island (2008; 25m), Fatimah Tobing Rony from Chants of Lotus [Perempuan Punya Cerita], Nia diNata, Lasya Susatyo, Upi, and Fatimah Tobing Rony
    • Momentum: A Conversation with Black Women on Achieving Graduate Degrees (2010; 20m), Zeinabu Davis

Friday, April 19, 2013

On Friday, from 9am-6pm, the UC FemTechNet hosted panel conversations, presentations, and activities in the Cymer Conference Center in the Structural and Materials Engineering Building, Warren Campus, UCSD

9-10am — Morning Session (1): Feminist IT

Welcome, Elizabeth Losh

Feminist Infrastructures and Technocultures, A discussion with Anne Balsamo and Chandra Mukerji led by Elizabeth Losh, Louise Hickman and Lilly Irani

10-11:30am — Morning (2): Legacies and Inspirations

Introductions, Lisa Cartwright

    • 10-10:30am: Adele Clarke and Martha Lampland on the work of Susan Leigh Star
    • 1030-11am: Antoinette LaFarge on the work of Beatriz da Costa
    • 11-11:30am: Heidi Rae Cooley on the work of Anne Friedberg

12-1:30pm — Brown Bag Lunch with N. Katherine Hayles, hosted by the Center for the Digital Humanities, Location: Seuss Room, Geisel Library

2-4pm — Afternoon Session (1): Boundary Objects

  • Introductions, Jordan Crandall and Lisa Parks
  • 2-3pm — (a) Life: Adele Clarke, Chikako Takeshita, Kalindi Vora, led by Kelly Gates and Cristina Visperas
  • 3-4pm — (bTechnocultures: Roshanak Kheshti, Kriss Ravetto- Biagioli, Carol Stabile, Tina Takemoto, led by Jeanette Roan and Monika Sengul-Jones

4-4:15pm — Coffee break

4:15-6pm Afternoon (2): Boundary Objects

  • 4:15-5:15pm — (c) Mediations: Sharon Daniel, Zeinabu Davis, Fatimah Rony, and Erika Suderburg, led by Lisa Parks and Lindsay Palmer 
  • 5:15-6pm — (d) Storming the Female Brain, Victoria Vesna with Morana Alac, Su Hyun Kim, Lisa Parks

Saturday, April 20, 2013

On Saturday, April 20, 2013, graduate students made presentations of completed works and works-in-progress, as well as gathered in informal sessions for networking and addressing common concerns in method, theory, and practice. This meeting brought both convergences and antagonisms to the table, including inter-generational readings and re-makings of feminisms. The event took place at the Cymer Conference Center, in the Structural and Materials Engineering Building, Warren Campus at UCSD.

 9AM-9:30AM – Breakfast, Introductions

9:30AM-10:45AM – Technocultures panel‬
April Durham (UCR), Amy-Claire Huestis (UCLA), Kelli Moore (UCSD); Moderator: Yelena Gluzman (UCSD)

11AM-12:15PM – Infrastructures panel‬
Amelia Acker (UCLA), Lan Xuan Le (UCSB, Meena Natarajan (UCB), Susana Ruiz (USC);
Moderator: Lindsay Thomas (UCSB)

12:15PM-1:30PM — Brown bag-style lunch
Questions and comments drawn from a fishbowl about Feminist IT events, conversations and goals. This was an informally dialogue to encourage students to discuss issues such as how UCFTN can be helpful to research and professional development, what we are taking away from the assembly, and what future collaborations are possible. A break-out session afterward to play an analog card game.
Moderator: Beth Reddy

  • Game: “A question of CHARACTER,” an analog card game about justice for women and girls
    Presenter: Susana Ruiz (USC)

1:30PM-2:45PM Life/Body panel‬
Christina Agapakis (UCLA), Emily Brooks (UCI), Katherine Darling (UCSF), Chad Valasek  (UCSD);
Moderator: Lauren Berliner (UCSD)

3PM-4PM Closing remarks, invitation to La Jolla Shores Hotel

*Unless otherwise noted, all events will be held at the Cymer Conference Center in the Structural and Materials Engineering (SME) building at UCSD.

Note: Actual session times and topics may be subject to change. As the schedule is confirmed, participants can check for updates on this webpage and via the Facebook page.